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Chapter 2014, Page 25 of 365

Day 25: Collecting Friends

Lesson I learned in the past: Stop “collecting” friends”. People are so quick and almost too eager to label someone as a friend - just because they associate themselves with that person. Some people in your life are just acquaintances; others are put in your life to benefit you and for you to benefit them as well. Making connections - business or otherwise - with some people are only meant to last for so long. Not everyone comes into your life to take a permanent place in it, even if they intend to. In this case, if it isn’t in your best interest to allow this individual to remain a part of your life or if the relationship is not what you intended it to be from the start, you have the choice to gradually move on from that person or “pluck” that person out of your life. Recently, I have noticed a few individuals in my life who have outstayed their welcome. Not to be rude or unfriendly, but I need to move on from some people. If someone doesn’t enrich your life or are not the right fit for your life at the moment, then you shouldn’t feel like your are “stuck” with them. You have a choice. Not everyone you meet in life has to be your friend. 

How to gradually rid of someone like this in your life or to get your relationship back on the track you want to with them to define the relationship: (1) Become less and less available. (2) Don’t answer all of their calls. Text them and let them know you are busy sometimes. (3) Re-direct your conversations with them back to “business” or whatever you want your relationship with them to revolve around or to be based upon.

Chapter 2014, Page 24 of 365

Day 24: Inner Beauty

Sometimes we focus so much on our outward appearance and not enough on bettering ourselves from the inside out. If you’re going to be “self-centered”, make ‘improving your character’ the top priority, rather than putting a bow on your physical self when you have nothing pleasant on the inside to give.