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Late lunch with my lovie @temocgee ❤️ (at Urth Caffé)

I have a tendency to “fall hard” and quick (in relationships). In order to keep my heart safe, I sometimes tend to distance myself from the person, who is attempting to steal my heart at the time - physically and emotionally. This can make it hard for the person I am with at the time - trying to be understanding of me, while they are longing to have a deeper/stronger connection. I also struggle with not giving that person reassurance in “us” (unintentionally). Basically, I have a lot to learn about relationships…how to keep up with the pace of how that individual wants to move ahead in the relationship without feeling scared/rushed myself. I am the kind of person who likes to take things slow because I know how emotionally attached I can get and I like to analyze and really think about the relationship. This can make a guy feel insecure in my commitment to him when I “take my time” and refuse (or just find it difficult) to “trust” him, “relax”, and “go with the flow”.

Summer Love

My idea of summer love…

Can we have picnics on the beach?

Can we lie under the stars hand in hand?

Can we swim in the ocean together?

Can we watch the sunset from the highest peak?

Can we sing along to our favorite songs as we take a road trip?

Can we go on silence strolls and just enjoy each other’s presence?

Can we stay in and watch a classic movie or childhood cartoons?

Can we cook together and bake together?

Can we capture all of these moments in our minds and our cameras?

Can we do “normal” couple things and also be crazy adventurous?

Can we just explore the world together?