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Chapter 2014, Page 23 of 365

Day 23: Inner Beauty

Sometimes we focus so much on our outward appearance and not enough on bettering ourselves from the inside out. If you’re going to be “self-centered” make improving your character the top priority, rather than putting a bow on your physical self when you have nothing pleasant on the inside to give. 

Chapter 2014, Page 23 of 365

Day 23: Passion

"If you ever have trouble with the pursuit of your passion, just step back and remember the reason you started…because you love it." - Ian Eastwood

My focus this year is to not give up on my dreams. Obstacles and delays only test your determination and, more importantly, allow you see just how committed and passionate you are about a certain goal. All the unexpected encounters and bumps along the way only make the achievement that much more sweet once you reach it. Pursuing a dream isn’t always easy, but if you truly want it, the journey is definitely worth it.